Locally Developed Program

This pathway focuses on grade 9 and 10 students who are considering a career in the trades or as an apprentice or who are at risk of leaving secondary school without a clear career destination and/or the requirements for a secondary school diploma. Embedded in the courses in this pathway are basic employability, vocational and life skills necessary for students to find gainful employment within their communities or in the trades. A distinguishing feature of the locally developed pathway would be the incorporation of integrated technologies and cooperative education modules which would provide the students with exposure to various work skills.

  • Students working at the Grade 8 level but weak (level one) in the knowledge and skills required for success in Grade 9 Applied or Academic


  • Students with Individual Education Plan’s (IEP) that indicate they are working below the Grade 8 level in core subjects areas.
  • Typically, students recommended for this program are thought to need the support of a secondary school program that will modify the depth, breadth and pace of the applied curriculum in order for them to meet with success.  Some students need one year in the locally developed program and are then able to succeed in the applied program.
Potential Locally Developed (Loc. Dev.) Pathway Leading to an OSSD:
 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
 Loc.Dev. English  Loc.Dev. English  Workplace English Workplace English
 Loc.Dev. Math  Loc.Dev. Math  Workplace Math  Workplace Math
 Loc.Dev. Science  Civics/Careers  Workplace Science  Student Choice
with accomodations
 Loc.Dev. History  Student Choice  Student Choice
 Physical Education  Art  Coop/OYAP  Coop/OYAP
 French/Ojibway  Student Choice  Coop/OYAP  Coop/OYAP
 Student Choice  Student Choice  Coop/OYAP  Coop/OYAP
 Student Choice  Student Choice  Coop/OYAP  Coop/OYAP

Students could leave secondary school after Grade 10 with a Certificate of Education or stay until Grade 12 and earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.