Student Success

Student Success

Student Success

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery is available for students who have failed one or more compulsory credits.

For each student who fails a course, the Subject Teacher shall complete a Course Placement Form that outlines one of the following options:

  • Repeating the Entire Course; Taking the course at a different Level;
  • Completing a Culminating Demonstration Only;
  • Enrolling in Credit Recovery.
  • In some cases Summer school might be recommended.

The Principal and the Credit Recovery Team review these forms and suggest the appropriate placement. Class size, credit accumulation, attendance, and past performance in an alternative setting are all considerations for placement in a credit recovery class.

One or more credits can be recovered in a credit recovery class, along with a learning strategies credit.

While the professional opinion of the subject teacher is the primary source for a Credit Recovery placement, there may be exceptional circumstances when the Credit Recovery Team determines a placement.

In consultation with the subject teacher an appropriate method of evaluation will be determined that combines of class marks and credit recovery participation.

Credit Recovery Classes are available, during some periods, for students under 18, who are enrolled full-time at Manitoulin Secondary School.

Credit Recovery Options are also available for students over 18, who are close to the Graduation Requirements. Sometimes a combination of Credit Recovery and Co-operative Education are appropriate for a student to achieve his or her OSSD.

For more information contact Jill Patterson, the Student Success Teacher at MSS, or the Guidance Department.