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Student Services

Student Services

Student Services

Check our our new MSS Guidance Website for the most up to date information! 

Grade 9  Information Night  link

A major purpose of a Secondary School is to help each student develop to the maximum of his or her potential as an individual and as a contributing responsible member of society who will think clearly, feel deeply, and act wisely.

Student Services covers a broad range of possibilities for students at MSS. Through the guidance department we offer:

  • Counselling services: Counseling is provided for students and parents on matters relating to education and vocational planning as well as to personal and social matters. Regularly scheduled interviews are held during the year and well as drop in meetings are available.
  • Post secondary planning: Help is available in planning for your life after MSS, whether it be college, university, apprenticeships or straight to the workplace there is assistance available in planning. Many activities are planned throughout the year and se can also help with scholarships, an important opportunity for many students.
  • Course Selection: As students navigate the halls of MSS we are here to facilitate choosing the best courses to suit every individuals needs. We will do our best to see that each student has the best chance possible to follow their future plans. Course selections happen in Mach for the following school year.  All course selections are done through, or directly with a guidance counsellor.  See the New MSS Guidance website for more information (coming soon).
  • Grade 9 Orientation: Through the ‘Fly’ program and many other information sessions we introduce and smooth the transition into secondary school. We are available to answer any questions by students or parents.
  • Other Services: There are many other services that are also available, such as: peer tutoring, dual credits, eLearning courses, ILC courses, PLAR, and student exchanges.

Access the documents below for more information on any of these topics. Also, check out our page of useful links that may help you navigate your way.