Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Manitoulin Secondary School

Code of Conduct

Revised January, 2012

Manitoulin Secondary School promotes responsibility, respect, civility and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment. All students, staff and parents have the right to be safe, and feel safe in our school. With this right comes the responsibility to be good citizens of our school community.

Manitoulin Secondary School’s Code of Conduct encourages positive student behaviour, and outlines progressive discipline for inappropriate actions.  The Code of Conduct applies to school, school activities and school busses.



Students have a responsibility to be prepared for each class, with all necessary material.  Students should have assigned work completed, hand in assignments on due dates, and be prepared for tests and examinations.

The better prepared students are for their classes, the better their chances of success.

Parents will be notified by teachers if a student is continually unprepared for class.  Habitual neglect of studies may lead to disciplinary action.


Students have a responsibility to be on time for each of their classes.

Punctuality is a transferable and life long skill.  Being on time shows consideration and respect for other people.  Students who are late for class disturb the learning environment for others.

Avoidable lateness will be subject to progressive disciplinary actions which will consist of warnings, being held back after class, detentions, in school suspension and/or suspension for habitual neglect of duty.

Regular Attendance

Students have a responsibility to attend all classes. Written parental acknowledgment, or a phone call of legitimate absence must be received by the attendance secretary upon return to school.

Regular attendance is essential for success in school. Those who must leave during their scheduled class periods are required to sign out in the main office before leaving school.

Absences will be recorded and tracked.  Parents will be contacted through a letter, if student absences become a concern.  Excessive absence (>15 days) will be referred to the Attendance Counsellor.


Students shall attend all classes while at school.

Regular attendance is essential for success in school and in the workplace.

Truancy will result in one detention for each class missed.  If truancy continues or becomes excessive, students will be assigned an in school suspension or suspension from school.  If, as a result of skipping, a student misses any evaluation, a mark of zero will be assigned for that evaluation tool.


Manitoulin Secondary School is using a progressive discipline model that included detentions.  Detentions are issued to students for tardiness, truancy, and code of conduct infractions.  See below for further information.

Respect for Self

a) Students have a responsibility to come to school and school activities/events well rested and free from all substances, including drugs and alcohol.

b) Students will use appropriate language to promote a healthy and respectful learning environment.

c) Students have a responsibility to be presentable in their attire and personal hygiene.  Students are not allowed to wear head gear in the school, including bandanas worn in any fashion.  No shorts or skirts should be worn that are shorter than the fingertips of an arm extended at your side.  Pants must be worn at the waist or hips.  Boys pants must not be worn below their hips.  Beach attire of any type is not acceptable. Clothing with offensive logos (drug, alcohol or sex related) is not tolerated.

A student who respects him/herself earns respect from others.

Proper language promotes learning to its highest degree and demonstrates respect for all members of the Manitoulin community.

Proper attire promotes a healthy environment with fewer distractions.  A student who respects him/herself dresses accordingly.

Parents of students who come to school unable to function because of tiredness will be contacted.  Any student involved in the possession or consumption of drugs or alcohol will be suspended and police notified. Any student involved in the selling of drugs faces expulsion and possible legal action.

The use of profane or improper language will result in progressive disciplinary action, including possible suspension.

Students will be instructed to remove the inappropriate attire or may be requested to return home to change their clothing.  If the problem continues, the inappropriate attire will be held in the office and/or

parents will be contacted.  All outer wear must be left in a locker during class time.  Students are not permitted to wear coats in classrooms. .

Respect for Others

a) Students will show respect and honour when interacting with the school community.  It is each student’s right to attend a school free from physical, verbal or emotional abuse.  Such abuse, whether physical, verbal (oral or written), sexual or psychological, that is bullying or discriminating on the basis of race, culture, religion, gender, language, ability, sexual orientation or any other attributes is unacceptable and is to be reported.

b) It is the responsibility of a student upon request, to identify him/herself to any staff member in a cooperative and polite manner, and to follow their direction.

c) Any student found to be engaging in a violent activity or to be in possession of a weapon at school or at a school sponsored event will be dealt with by school administration and police.

Freedom from harassment establishes/creates a positive learning environment for everyone.

This helps to ensure a positive and safe learning environment, where mutual respect is common place.

MSS takes pride in the safe and welcoming environment that has been developed over the years. Students at MSS have a responsibility to maintain and foster this aspect of our school.

Students engaging in action deemed to be harassment will be subject to disciplinary action.  Such action will vary with the severity of the harassment, but may include verbal reprimands, parent notification, peer mediation, suspensions and possible legal consequences.

Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

Students engaging in such actions will be suspended and may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or expulsion.  Subsequent infractions will lead to longer suspensions or expulsion.

Respect for Property

Students will show respect for their school environment by caring for property of self, peers, teachers and the school building.

Everyone has the right to live and learn in a caring environment, one in which property is respected.

Damage, vandalism or theft may result in parental notification, restitution, suspension and police involvement.

Appropriate Use of Technology

Students will use the Internet for educational purposes and will avoid all controversial materials as outlined in the MSS Usernet Internet Acceptable Use Agreement as posted in all computer labs and the library.

The Internet offers a vast, diverse and unique resource for students and needs to be accessible by all, even though controversial material exists.

Any violation of the Usernet Internet Acceptable Use Agreement, as outlined in the student agenda may result in access privileges being revoked, disciplinary action, possible legal action or suspension.


Students who fail to fulfill the preceding expected behaviours and responsibilities will be subjected to appropriate disciplinary actions. If a student is asked to leave a class, then the student is to report to the main office. If any person feel his/her rights have been infringed upon, he/she should express his/her concern to a teacher, guidance counselor, vice principal, community OPP officer or principal.  The following are examples of progressive disciplinary measures that may be used:

  • warning
  • loss of privileges
  • student/parent/administrator conference
  • counseling
  • apology
  • student behaviour contract
  • in-school suspension
  • restitution
  • re-entry plan
  • police involvement
  • loss of credit
  • out of school suspension
  • limited expulsion
  • full expulsion

These outlined expected behaviours and responsibilities exist in order to make our school environment safe and enjoyable for all members of the school community. It is consistent with RDSB Code of Conduct and the Ministry of Education’s Safe Schools Policy.