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Exam Recommendation Policy

Exam Recommendation Policy

Exam Exemption Policy

Manitoulin Secondary School
Exam Recommendation Policy
1.  Exam Exemptions will not apply to all 3U, 4C, 4M, and 4U courses.
2.  Exam Exemptions will be available in all other courses where there is a final examination scheduled during exam week.
3.  Courses that do not have a final examination scheduled during exam week will not have any exemptions.
4.  Students’ “final term mark” will be used in order to determine if an exam exemption from a specific course has been earned.
5.  Exam Exemptions will be announced on the same day that final term marks are provided to students. A day during the last week of regular classes will be designated for this purpose. Exam Exemptions will not be given out prior to this date.
6.  Exam Exemptions will be from the final exam only.  Students will continue to be responsible for all culminating activities that have been assigned by their teacher(s).
7.  The “final course mark” for students exempt from any final exams will be determined by marks earned for their term work and culminating activity.
8. Excused absences will include the following: 
  • All school related activities
  • Any medical condition and/or specialist appointment that is verified by a doctor’s certificate
  • Bereavement to a maximum of 3 days at the discretion of the principal
9.  A student can be exempt from a final exam if they meet either one of the following two criteria:
A final term mark of 80% with no more than 10 un-excused absences
A final term mark of 65% with no more than 6 un-excused absences
EXCEPT for Grade 9 and 10 Academic courses where the final mark must be
70% with no more than 6 un-excused absences