MSS Tennis Team

Tennis is played in April/May of the school year and it is a Co-ed sport with boys and girls singles and doubles and mixed doubles as well. There is no division by age (i.e.: no Midget/Junior/Senior) so it is possible the Grade 9’s can end up playing against grade 12’s. However the team is always looking for new faces and welcomes anyone who is interested in learning the game and having fun. Mr. Theijsmeijer always likes to have a mix of young and old students to ensure continuity between years. Come out and hit the courts!

Tennis this year is just beginning. With the snow hanging on so late, it will be a chilly start. With so few players who graduated last year we look forward to having a lot of returning players. Hopefully we’ll bring back the NSSSAA banner that was lost last year by a single point. Hopes are high!

For more information contact Mr. C. Theijsmeijer at [email protected] or though the tennis club at