Library Information

Students and staff have access to an extensive collection of print and non-print resources. These include books, reference materials, periodicals, audio visual resources, computer software, and the internet. The library technician is available for any assistance that may be necessary.

Hours of Operation

The library is open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm daily.

General Policies

In the library students are able to work quietly, in groups, and on the computers. Students are expected to behave in a manner fitting with the student behaviour policy. Food and drink are prohibited in the library. Students are expected to re-shelve their materials and tidy their work space before they leave. Students refusing to follow any of the libraries policies will be asked to leave and not return for a set period of time.

Signing Out Material

All books must be signed out at the circulation desk. Each student has a student photo id and this is their library card. Bring the card with you to sign out materials. Books are signed out for ten school days and renewal is possible if there is not someone waiting for the item. Reference materials, and audio visual items are to be used in the library and can only be taken out after the Library Technician has given special permission. Any AV equipment is loaned at the library technician’s discretion and must be returned after each class.

Returning Books

Books are to be returned to the circulation desk. Books are expected to be returned in good condition. Students who lose or damage items are required to pay their replacement cost. No IOU’s will be accepted. All library material and all money owed must be paid before the end of June.


Students are expected to follow the internet policy of the school, as they would in any computer lab at MSS. School work come first and a student not working on assigned work may be asked to logoff so another student may use the computer.



Classes using the library take precedence over other users. It may be necessary to ask people to logoff the computer or leave the library to accommodate classes.