Other Services

Other Services

Other Services

Peer Tutoring

What is a Peer Tutor? A peer tutor is someone who cares about others & provides assistance to those students who request extra help.

Who Can Benefit?

*Anyone: Tutors, Students, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Parents

Peer Tutoring is available at M.S.S. through the Guidance Office to provide short & long term tutoring to students and provide assistance in exam and test preparation.

Individual Pathway Plans

The IPP encourages students to plan for their futures, including course selections, post-secondary planning, and general goal setting for this school year and beyond. Each student is registered for a free account through the website www.myblueprint.ca and begin developing their IPP. Updated credit information is available from your guidance counselor and a help page  for Grade specific IPP planning is available here.

Dual Credits

The Dual Credit Program provides secondary school students with the opportunity to earn a number of dual credits by participating in apprenticeship training and post-secondary courses that count towards both their secondary school diploma and their post-secondary diploma or apprenticeship certification.  Please contact your school’s Guidance department for further information.


Rainbow District School Board teachers deliver online courses using a learning management system that students can access at school and at home. Students can supplement their timetable with an online course, giving them greater flexibility and choice in completing their secondary school diploma.  Students can take courses that are not available at their home school or not accessible due to scheduling conflicts. The online courses provide a new learning option for students – one that maximizes the use of technology. E-Learning courses are very interactive. A wide variety of technology is used to support online learning, including electronic whiteboards, chat rooms, e-mail, and discussion groups. Contact your Guidance Department for the current list of e-Learning courses offered by Rainbow District School Board.


PLAR learning includes the knowledge and skills that students have acquired, in both formal and informal ways, outside secondary school.  Where such learning has occurred outside Ontario classrooms, students enrolled in Ontario secondary schools and inspected private schools may have their skills and knowledge evaluated against the expectations outlined in provincial curriculum policy documents in order to earn credits towards the secondary school diploma.  This formal evaluation and accreditation process involves two components: equivalency and challenge.  Equivalency involves the assessment of credentials from other jurisdictions for placement purposes.  The challenge process refers to the process whereby students’ prior learning is assessed for the purpose of granting credit.  Only Grade 10-12 courses that are offered by the Rainbow District School Board may be challenged.  For more information regarding this process students are advised to refer to the PLAR pamphlet found in the school’s guidance office.

Interested students should contact their Principal before the end of December.

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery helps students ‘recover’ unsuccessful credits in subsequent years. More information is available here.

Student Exchanges

Canadian Exchanges

The most prominent Canadian exchange at MSS is the SEVEC program. In this program a group of students participates in an exchange for a few weeks with a group of students from another region of Canada.

International Exchanges

There are many international exchanges available with both English speaking countries and non-English speaking countries. These type of exchanges usually occur in Grade 10 or 11, but they can also occur in Grade 12 (although post-secondary plans may have to be adjusted.) Due to the variety of countries and programs the best first step is to speak with a guidance counselor. Also check the links listed on the Student Services Links page.